Self-Service Kiosk by CRISP.


Why a Self-Service Kiosk?

Leaders in the restaurant industry have already proven the value and the impact on restaurants and the customer experience:
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79% of customers saying that they believe restaurant kiosks make their experience more convenient (National Restaurant Association)


Implementing self-service kiosks reduces order time by as much as 40% (Appetize)


Some chains are seeing 20%-30% increases in check size when orders are placed through a self-service kiosk (Modern Restaurant Management)

Grocery stores, gas stations, full-service restaurant chains, and QSR brands are moving toward self-service options for the customer. What was once considered poor service is becoming more and more accepted as a better customer experience. At CRISP, we believe the self-service kiosk option is the most under-utilized technology in the restaurant business.

Let's explore how Self-Service Kiosks can cut costs, increase check sizes, and improve customer satisfaction

Here's your self-service demo

Click the arrows to walk-through how one of our customers uses a Self-Service Kiosk
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